Writing about what helps people thrive, and engage, in the face of challenges great and small.

I am coauthor of Ecoliterate and contributor to The Compassionate Instinct, Smart by NatureA Place at the Table, and The Creation of the Future and other booksMy work has appeared in The New York Times, Time, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Christian Science Monitor, The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, More and elsewhere.

I am currently writing about what our encounter with an increasingly uncertain world reveals about human nature–how, for example we relate to risk; think about power; navigate fears; respond to change; develop resilience; deeply experience the preciousness of something, or someone, when we no longer take it for granted; and above all, surprise ourselves with our own capacity to rise to challenges.

Please connect with me on Twitter (@LisaPBennett) and subscribe to my blog.


“Lisa is able to create completely new ways to engage audiences such that they can listen, hear and then internalize.”

— LISA RENSTROM, Divest-Invest, former president of the Sierra Club




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