I love the world and I love my kids, and I am scared for both. But I don’t want to live my life scared or anxious or worried. And I can’t pretend that if I stay focused on my small personal life, the many big things going wrong out there (from the state of our democracy to the state of the environment) will somehow get worked out—or at least, not harm me and the people I love.

What I do want is this: To know how to live a genuinely good life, no matter what. To model for my children what they most need to know to live happy, resilient lives, no matter what. To reject the delusion of powerlessness and do my part to engage in a world that desperately needs sane, humane voices. To practice what the wisest people have always known: how to embrace the joy of being fully alive, fully awake, fully in awe, fully themselves. No matter what.

As a writer and a mother, this is what I care about. And this is what I seek to explore here, diving deep into what it feels like to be a parent in a world gone mad while trying to do our best for our kids.

I am the coauthor with bestselling psychologist Daniel Goleman of Ecoliterate, and a contributor to The Compassionate Instinct, A Place at the Table, and several other books. A former fellow at Harvard University’s Center on the Press, Politics, and Public Policy and an Ashoka Changemakers thought leader, my articles have been published in The New York Times, Forbes, Daily Beast, Christian Science Monitor, American Health, More, Mothering, Vox, and many other publications.