As an author, blogger, mother, and friend, I’m interested in what we can learn about love in all its guises—not in spite of life’s difficulties and uncertainties but because of them. What led me here were my encounters with death, divorce, and a fierce desire to protect my children from every harm while knowing that many of today’s threats (from climate change to economic and political instability) are far beyond me.

The happy result: I have discovered an amazing array of “geniuses in the art of living”—from artists and spiritual practitioners to experts in human nature and human kindness. They continue to be my teachers and inspire my current writing, especially on my blog. My most recent articles have tended to focus on human behavior, social change, climate change–and the art of empathy.

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A bit more officially: I am the co-author of Ecoliterate (with psychologist Daniel Goleman) and a contributor to The Compassionate Instinct, A Place at the Table, and other books. 

A former Harvard University fellow and Ashoka Changemakers thought leader, my articles have appeared in The New York Times, Forbes, Daily Beast, Christian Science Monitor, Huffington Post, More, Vox, and elsewhere.