When I dropped my son off at school this morning, the teachers directing traffic were wearing facemasks and our usual view of San Francisco was obscured by thick smoke.

The latest fires just north of us, in the famed Sonoma and Napa wine country all the way up to Mendocino, are burning fast—and sending a message:

Climate change does not discriminate. Rich and poor, coastal and inland dwellers, Republican and Democrat, we’re all living the reality of climate change now.

The smell of smoke in my nostrils as I write, the feel of it in my lungs as I breathe, I recognize I am so far one of the lucky ones.

I have had the privilege of thinking about climate change and what it means for families for more than a decade without having experienced one of the most direct hits of it. Drought, yes; extreme heat, yes; wild swings in winter conditions, yes.

But that is little compared to what so many others have recently experienced: the utter destruction and devastation of climate-fueled hurricanes and wildfires that have wiped out homes, lives, and livelihoods.

Today made me feel how bracingly real these sudden tragedies are. And there is little question of their link to climate change, as Amy Head, the fire captain spokeswoman for Cal Fire, confirmed.

… So what can we, as parents, do? Continue reading on Mom’s Clean Air Force.

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