Welcome! I’m so glad you’ve come.

This is a place for parents and others who care about preparing young people to navigate our fast-changing world: one being remade by climate change, growing social conflict, and an American political system that has been turned on its head.

It is also about us: parents, educators, and other good-hearted people who care about the next generation and the next–and how we think and talk and feel our way through these changing realities in ways that help us grow in courage and deepen in our humanity.

My goal is to be honest, be insightful when possible, and ultimately be inspiring. I tap the knowledge and wisdom of people from a wide range of walks of life to help me do this.


As for my background: I am the co-author (with emotional and social intelligence expert Daniel Goleman) of Ecoliterate, and a contributor to books, including: The Compassionate Instinct, A Place at the Table, and Smart by Nature. My articles have appeared in publications, including: The New York Times, Harper’s, The Daily Beast, Christian Science Monitor, Forbes, More, Mothering, and Vox.

A former Harvard University fellow and Ashoka Changemakers thought leader, I am the mother of two amazing and much-loved sons who motivate me every day.

Some Favorite Posts and Articles 

Teach Your Children Radical Hope: It’s Not the End of the World

3 Ways to Overcome Negative News and Do Something Good

Most Discussions on Climate Change Ignore These 10 Basic Facts about Human Nature

5 Hopeful Things Parents Should Know about Climate Change

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