Most Discussions On Climate Change Ignore These 10 Basic Facts about Human Nature

Published in Vox


Climate change has been my window into learning about human nature — or, at least, about what we humans do when faced with a challenge much greater than ourselves. The experience has also persuaded me that a better understanding of our own nature can help inspire a more effective response to what is happening to the natural world. Read on Vox.

How to Use ‘Muscular’ Empathy to Drive Social Change

Published in Forbes

For the practice of empathy to be effective—in business, education, or social entrepreneurship—it’s important to conceive of it not as a “soft, flattering, hand-holding” sentiment but, in the words of Ta-Nehisi Coates, as a “muscular empathy rooted in curiosity.” Read on Forbes.

The Gay Rights Playbook: How to Fight Climate Change Now

Published in The Daily Beast


Having researched, written about, and worked in the field of gay rights for nearly a decade (and, more recently, concerned myself with climate change for nearly as long), I see at least seven lessons that climate activists could adapt from the gay rights movement. Read on The Daily Beast.

5 (Helpful) Things Parents Should Know about Climate Change

Published in The Huffington Post

Anyone who has experienced a break up, a death in the family or any other significant loss knows that even in sadness and grief, we often discover some light in the dark, some wonderful deepening that we likely would not have experienced any other way. And I have found that to be true in thinking about our changing world, as well. Read on The Huffington Post

3 Insights Into Writing about Social Issues

Published in

Having an agenda—specifically, a goal of persuading others—meant my definition of success rested on something I could not control: how others responded. The better guide, I realized, was that simple question: Is it the right thing to do? Read on


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