As a writer (and ghostwriter), communications strategist, speaker, facilitator, and project leader with extensive experience in journalism, nonprofits, education and business, my specialty is effective communications about complex social issues and the people leading the way to positive behavior and social change. In my capacity as communications consultant, I offer these and other services:

  • Communications and strategic planning
  • Communications workshops
  • Writing (including op-eds, research reports, talking points, education materials, grant proposals and reports, web content, speeches, and more.)
  • Public speaking
  • Conference facilitation
  • Project leadership

I specialize in topic areas including:

  • Nature, energy, and sustainability (with extensive knowledge about energy and climate change)
  • Behavior and social change
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Families and parenting
  • Learning and education

Clients (past and present): AT&T; Brown University; Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy; Dewey Square Group; Frameworks Institute; Merrill Lynch; Rodale, Inc.; San Francisco Zen Center; Southern Poverty Law Center; Web MD and others.

Prior staff positions:

  • Communications director for the Center for Ecoliteracy
  • Founding director of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s marriage and family project
  • Adjunct faculty member at New York University
  • Senior writer at Cornell University
  • Journalist

Fellowships, etc.:

  • Harvard University fellow at the Center on the Press, Politics, and Public Policy in the John F. Kennedy School of Government
  • Ashoka Changemakers thought leader
  • Member of Climate Voices, sponsored by the United Nations Foundation and the National Center for Atmospheric Research

Public speaking/facilitation experience:

  • Ashoka Changemakers
  • The Garrison Institute’s Climate, Mind, and Behavior Program
  • The Human Rights Campaign
  • The Institute at the Golden Gate
  • The Packard Foundation
  • Harvard and numerous other universities

MediaMore than 100 radio and TV appearances, including on ABC-TV San Francisco, the BBC, C-SPAN, and Wisconsin Public Radio.

Education. Master’s degree in International Affairs and Journalism, and a Bachelor’s in Literature and Writing, from Columbia University.

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