Lisa is able to create completely new ways to engage audiences such that they can listen, hear and then internalize.

— LISA RENSTROM, Divest-Invest, former president of the Sierra Club


Lisa is a great collaborator. Smart, personable, and an excellent researcher and writer, I enjoyed working with her and recommend her highly.

–DANIEL GOLEMAN, author of Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence, and Focus

Lisa acted as facilitator for a major conference in 2013 hosted by the Institute at the Golden Gate. The event focused on climate change education and Lisa brought not only her great facilitation skills, but also her deep climate knowledge to the role. Lisa facilitated with a deft touch, keeping the event flowing smoothly, handling speaker and panel introductions and transitions effortlessly, and helping keep the audience active and engaged. Facilitation is both art and science and Lisa has both elements in abundance.

–CHRIS SPENCE, Director at Institute at the Golden Gate


Lisa is a gifted speaker and writer. It is rare to have someone who writes so well, also be able to command an audience and teach so effectively.”

– ELIZABETH BIRCH, former director of the Human Rights Campaign

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