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Lisa is a great collaborator. Smart, personable, and an excellent researcher and writer, I enjoyed working with her and recommend her highly.

DANIEL GOLEMAN, author of Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence




Lisa is a gifted speaker and writer. It is rare to have someone who writes so well, also be able to command an audience and teach so effectively.”

ELIZABETH BIRCH, former director of the Human Rights Campaign



Lisa is able to create completely new ways to engage audiences such that they can listen, hear and then internalize.

— LISA RENSTROM, Divest-Invest, former president of the Sierra Club


Past and present clients include: AT&T, Brown University, Cater Communications, Center for the New American Dream, Dewey Square Group, Frameworks Institute, Human Rights Campaign Foundation, Institute at the Golden Gate, Merrill Lynch, The Nature Conservancy, New York City Department of Health, Protect Our Winters (POW), Rodale, Inc., San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Foundation/Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy, San Francisco Zen Center, Southern Poverty Law Center, and Web MD.

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